19/06 - 3:48

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve transparency and communication, we’re updating our Terms of Service (“Terms”) in the European Economic Area and Switzerland and wanted to let you know about these changes. We’ve provided a summary of key changes but here’s a snapshot of what we’ve done: • Improved readability. While still a legal document, we’ve done our best to make the Terms clearer and easier to understand. • Improved transparency and communication. We’ve added some useful links to help you navigate YouTube, including links to YouTube policies and Help Center. We’ve also expanded our commitments to notify you about any changes that may affect you, such as future changes to the Terms. • Your Content. We’ve clarified the content license you grant us to make it easier to understand. We’re not asking for additional permissions and there’s no difference in how we’re using your content. • Our product today. We’ve made some updates to better reflect the way YouTube operates. For example, we’ve removed outdated descriptions and provided helpful details about our service with links to the Help Center. • No changes to our Privacy Policy. We’re not making any changes to the Google Privacy Policy , as the way we collect and process your data is not changing because of this update. As a reminder, you can always review your privacy settings and manage how your data is used by visiting your Google Account . The new Terms will take effect on July 22, 2019 (see a preview ). You will have the chance to accept the new Terms the next time you visit YouTube . If you would like more information, or if for any reason you don’t agree to the new Terms and would rather stop using YouTube, you can find additional information in our Help Center . If you allow your child to use YouTube Kids, or manage your child’s use of YouTube through Family Link , then please note that when you accept the new Terms you do so on behalf of your child as well. Please take some time to talk to them about these changes. Thank you for being part of our global community! (c) 2019 Google Ireland Ltd, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland. You have received this email to update you about important changes to the YouTube Terms.